My identify is Ben Hopton, and my function as Captain of Home involves aiding the SLT, Director of Homes and the Heads of Homes with overseeing the Home Competitions, from home sporting events to charity food collections. As part of my function, I want to see the whole college (including sixth kind) getting involved in House competitions, whether or not they be sporting, academic, charity events, group awards or gaining house factors. This was enough, nonetheless, to inspire Gryphon, who after a fast staff talk and a change of ways, managed to attain another 6 targets within the second half of the match.House & Home

If the standard American house is a single-household unit, these photographs present that, in actuality, we’re perhaps more more likely to be residing in public housing, penitentiaries, navy barracks, gated communities and, yes, mansions, herded there by authorities insurance policies both useful and devastating.

Nearby, in the middle of this primary gallery, dollhouses — a stately, chockablock Victorian and a peppy trendy dream house designed by an architect for Girl’s Day journal in 1976 — are outfitted with the decorating totems of the day (an ermine rug in the former, and ethnic masks and low-slung orange sofas within the latter).House & Home

The second match, Gryphon vs Petypher, noticed a greater turnout of players, with each teams having a full line-up. From futuristic dormitories to publish-Katrina communities constructed on shared interests in music, the images evoke the experience of residential space and illustrate the evolution and variety of American home architecture, design, and neighborhood.House & Home

And simply when the photographs and images from old magazines and newspapers seem relentlessly and claustrophobically devoted to the standard-problem nuclear family, one other sequence of films exhibits us Rodney White and Tom Brown, two males dwelling in a fantastic prefabricated house in New York.